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Welcome to
Bloodwise Solutions

Bloodwise Solutions is a consulting practice dedicated to fueling the growth and success of organizations involved in transfusing lifesaving blood and blood products.  
Our mission is to help your team provide the highest level of service to the patients and customers you serve. 
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Bloodwise Solutions

Bloodwise Solutions was founded by Joe Ferrara, an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience, having served in leadership roles at blood centers and an innovative life sciences startup.

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Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Building robust, resilient supply chains to meet patient needs 

  • Comprehensive strategies for managing and negotiating supplier agreements 

  • Developing tailored solutions to boost efficiency and reduce costs 

Companies & Startups

  • Providing sales and operational consulting to leverage your strengths

  • Creating and executing customized marketing and business development plans 

  • Systems implementation to amplify your competitive advantage 

Blood Centers

  • Creating donor engagement programs

  • Devising first time donor acquisition strategies 

  • Offering sales training, and support
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